Everybody plays the leading part !

Tabunka Festival FUKAE 2015


Come across the small world in the east of Kobe .

Full of a lot of fun events !

Entrance free.

the day and time : 11:00-15:00 , Sunday, November 30th ,2015 (We will carry out this event even if it rains.)

the place : FUKAE hall (Walk in the direction of the southeast right after getting out of HANSHIN FUKAE station.)

the address : Honmachi 3-chome 5-7 ,Fukae ,Higashinada-ku ,Kobe-shi ,Hyogo



Openning act : Kodomo Danjiri Bayashi

・Yatai -Enjoy the tastes all over the world-

・An outdoor stage -Get excited ,everybody-

・A CHIBIKKO corner -Welcome ,children too-

・Make something by yourself!

  A cooking workshop (for under the elementary school students)

  A workshop for making toys

・A small lesson for learning foreign languages -Talk with the foreigners who live in the area(FUKAE) !-

・A multicultural cafeteria with a play area for kids NIKONIKO

・The experiences of wearing national costumes all over the world

・A consulting service with multi-language(corporater: NGO NETWORK FOR FOREIGNER'S ASSISTANCE KOBE)

・BINGO-Win luxurious prizes-